On Kitten Creek

It is coming! My “baby” will be delivered the beginning of May! For an introvert, this news is both exhilarating and dismaying. My purpose in writing was to share all God has done; however, in doing that I had to become both vulnerable and honest. So now, the dismay I feel comes from my exposure. The story these pages tell is the story of a simple walk of faith, sometimes mixed with doubt, but always moving upward and onward. The exhilaration I feel comes from knowing that, in my own inadequate words I have told the story of our walk with God  on this humble farm on Kitten Creek Road.  My hope is that our story will be an encouragement to others who long to see God’s hand in their daily existence. You will be able to pre-order on https://www.amazon.com/Kitten-Creek-Searching-Sacred/dp/194509902X/.

Just in: Pictures of Emmaline and Sam


Sam and Emmaline were engaged in the pasture behind her family home.

So, this granddaughter is the first born grandchild, a surrogate mother and official right hand to her mom. The gal who always seemed to have a mature relationship with the Lord. For example, when she was nine years old, as we were leaving the grocery store, she turned to me and asked, “So how are you doing spiritually, Oma?” Shocked, I stumbled around saying, “Uh, I am very comfortable with my relationship with Jesus, Emmaline. How are you doing?”  “Well,” she replied, “i am working on my judgmental spirit right now. I have asked Jesus to help me with this.”

That was and is Emmaline. She was the last we ever expected to move away from Kitten Creek Road. But today, she and Sam are living in Missouri. This will take some getting used to. But this is what it is all about: sending the “arrows” out and blessing them as they begin their own lives and ministry.

Emmaline, Sam, with Lillian (Emma’s sister and maid of honor.)
Leaving Kansas. Missouri bound.

So Much Happening on Kitten Creek


Milestones: Two weddings. Our grandchildren are growing up. Brother/son/grandson, EJ, was married to Jena on March 18. The next weekend sister/daughter/granddaughter, Emmaline, was married to Sam. Words do not suffice in expressing our joy and thankfulness.  Emmaline’s pictures are not available to me,yet, but here us a link to EJ’s and Jena’s wedding pictures. The pictures relate the joy of the couple and also of those who love them. http://www.miravisuphoto.com/austin-wedding-photography-blog/

Actually, there were three wedding in that one week. Our dear neighbors, the Bascoms, were also celebrating a daughter/grandaughter wedding. The original farm acres were filled with guests and celebrations.

We are now in relaxation and recuperation mode.